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We are a custom motorcycle shop based out of Southwestern Ontario that specializes in the creation of one-off Harley Davidson’s. The shop features a Harley trained and Ontario certified motorcycle mechanic who can diagnose, repair or enhance the performance of your bike.

Also, if your bike has been in an accident, we have a licensed bodyshop on site that specializes in collision repair as well as custom paint.

Featured Builds

Blue Road King Custom

2007 Road King Custom: For Sale This custom Harley Davidson Road King took shape just after the riding season ended. It started out as Dave's daily rider but like everything else, stock doesn't last around [...]

Retro Twin Cam / Pan

Retro Twin Cam / Pan Building this bike was a fun challenge. The customer wanted to have an old school looking bike that looked somewhat period correct but have modern components so he could just [...]

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From the Blog

Freedom Machine Giveaway Bike

Freedom Machine Giveaway Bike Incase you haven't been following us on Facebook or Instagram, we're excited to say we have been given the task of building the giveaway bike for this years Freedom Machine Motorcycle Show which [...]

Harley Diagnostic Codes – 04 to Present

Harley Diagnostic Codes 04 - Present Starting in 2004, Harley's began to use serial bus technology (the ability to transfer multiple bits of data over a single wire) which allowed them to display DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) [...]

How To Register a Home Built Motorcycle

How To Register A Home Built Motorcycle One of the most common emails we get at the shop is how to go about registering a custom motorcycle. Being that we do this on a regular basis [...]

Diagnosing Harley Charging Problems

Diagnosing Harley Charging Problems One of the most common issues that cause people to buy unneeded parts is a dead battery. Whether it's replacing the dead battery with a new one or throwing it on [...]

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